MAIDEN NEWTON ART GROUP has now launched its online Exhibition as the usual annual exhibition could not take place in the Village Hall as usual because of the pandemic restrictions. I am proud to have participated in this venture and wish to thank our curator, Catherine Greenslade, without whom this idea would not have come to fruition.

Do follow the link below and review the art works on display:-


Virtual Tour of The Gallery in The Barn, Tollerford – May 2020
River walk, Tollerford Exhibition 2020

My plans for the exhibition at the Old School Upwey were revised to comply with the restrictions of the pandemic crisis.  Instead I created a “private” “socially distancing” exhibition close to the River Toller, where invited guests viewed the work at intervals, having booked a viewing time slot. This review of the event was written by Mrs. Jane McKell for publication on line. 

“Watch the River; you will know everything there is to be known”

(AA Milne)

After a private invitation; I recently attended a very special, solo Art Degree final pre-graduation show.  It turned out – due to this strange time of Covid 19 restrictions – to be the most beautiful of exhibitions I have ever attended. People were invited in couples or singles at an allotted time. The venue was a secluded part of the river Toller, the very river that inspired Artist, Jane Coxhill’s ‘artistic journey’: its unique colour; atmosphere and story.

Jane was born in 1952 and spent her life in the county of Dorset. Jane talks of having: “…absorbed the landscape of this county into my very being, from swimming in the sea, walking and riding on ponies through the lanes and by-ways. It is where my inspiration comes from – the landscape interpreted by my soul.”

We strolled socially distanced down the little river with bright sunlight glinting on its surface breaking over stones, rocks and broken branches; the occasional fish doing a little leap. The rich variety of vegetation, plants, trees, and bushes on its banks are full of changing greens, browns and floral brights. Even the sheep munching on the lush grass add to the serenity that writers and artists such as Wordsworth and Constable craved. But Jane is much more driven by Paul Nash. .

It is obvious from what she told me it was this relationship with the world that surrounds us, fragile and mysterious, awe inspiring and spiritual that is the concept behind her work. Her love of colour, drawing and painting explores ways that this relationship can be portrayed through art.

She also said: “it is through a lifelong learning about art and artists, I relate to, and am inspired by, many who share this notion of a spiritual relationship with the landscape, above all the work of Nash and his neo-romantic philosophies that I am the artist I am”.

In the little woodland at the end of her own special trail – with trees spreading their branches over the river; a tattered umbrella with light shafting through; glancing on leaves, trunks, branches and the water itself reflecting back again like a rippling mirror – we found Janes banner-paintings on photographic gel paper used to reflect light. Swinging very gently in the breezes, Jane chosen sites to hank them from branches were locations that inspired their colour and form. They were expressions of their very natural surroundings – and because of the nature of the gel the back or front – whichever way you looked at them were the reverse of how Jane had applied the paint. Magical.

In the barn – which had stabled Jane’s sadly, recently deceased horse; a lingering reminiscent smell of hay and the beloved mare – Jane had hung her paintings. All a diary of her journey in the most recent couple of years of degree work. But all inspired by the river. Some are more multimedia than others all are a unique artists experimentation of how the river appears in different seasons or when the artists mood on the day. One set of four have a calming, Japanese style winding up the middle of the pale background. Others are very expressionistic and others almost photographic, one huge bold statement of a piece, the first to sell, was painted more recently with bold, improvisational strokes of colour and texture, but all are born out of and from the river in the artist’s corner of Dorset. A stream that gives pleasure and facilitates beautiful art.

Owing to Covid-19 this exhibition has had to be cancelled 

“Watch the River; you will know everything there is to be known”
(AA Milne)

 DT3 5QE

Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th July 2020
10 am – 6 pm Free admission

Dorset has always been home to Jane, giving her a close association to the sea and countryside of the county. It is not surprising, therefore, that it is this very landscape that has inspired her art.

The work in this exhibition is the culmination of study for her BA in Painting with the Open College of the Arts.  It is centred on a secluded section of the ancient river Toller that gives its name to several villages in West Dorset. She has delved into the very essence of the place and her reactions to it; looking, internalising and interpreting it through her paintings. Her choices of colour and mark making allude to the changing seasons, the reflections and movement of the ever-changing water course.

The paintings are of various size, created with a different array of media, on a variety of surfaces some of which are quite unusual. Each one offering a personal perspective of the river, capturing a moment in time, making this exhibition a visual cornucopia.

For further information contact Jane at
Website; –

Sometimes, if you stand on the bottom rail of a bridge, and lean over to watch the river, slipping slowly away beneath you, you will suddenly know everything there is to be known.” (A.A. Milne) Download

ART IN THE BARN – Kincombe Centre (Dorset Wildlife Trust) – Postponed due to Covid-19 Pandemic


“Meanderings” oil on canvas 100 cm x 100 cm

August 2020

An exhibition of works by Dorset artist, Jane Coxhill

Jane grew up in Dorset and has a strong affiliation with the county and its landscape.  Painting has long been a passion and one that she has followed throughout her education, leading to a degree qualification with the Open College of the Arts, the results of which are pending.

Influenced by the work and ideology of Paul Nash, a sense of place, and the traditions of English landscape painting, she brings a contemporary element to her practice through her process and the materials she uses.

The paintings displayed are a culmination of study of one particular place, a small stretch of the river Toller that flows through Kingcombe and on to Tollerford, joining the Frome at Maiden Newton.

This special, hidden corner of the river, from winter snow, floods and sunny quiet days; the ever-changing river and its surroundings offers her abundant inspiration.

Open Saturday 1st – Sunday 30th August, 10am-4pm daily in the

Main Barn

The Kingcombe Centre

Lower Kingcombe, Toller Porcorum


Dorset, DT2 0EQ

Tel: 01300 320684 www.kingcombe.org.uk

Free entry & parking.  Self-service tea room open for beverages, cream teas and cake 10-4 pm daily.

Also some work at Maiden Newton Art Group on Friday evening 5th and Saturday 6th June 202 at Maiden Newton Village Hall, Maiden Newton, Dorchester – CANCELLED due to COVID -19